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Prefolds are rectangular diapers that are divided lengthwise in three sections with more thickness in the center panel. This gives prefolds more absorbency in the middle where it's needed most. They can be enclosed in a velcro or snap style diaper wrap/cover or pinned with safety pins or snappi fasteners.
Doublers are thick rectangular or "figure 8" shaped pads that can be inserted between your baby's bottom and the diaper to provide extra absorbency without too much bulk. These are great for heavy wetters or for night-time use. These also work well as inserts for most styles of "pocket diapers."

Liners are thin material used between a baby's bottom and the diaper itself. They are great for keeping the baby's bottom dry and can be used to keep stool away from diapers for easier clean up.

Cloth wipes are easier to use than disposable wipes when using cloth diapers because you can just toss them into the diaper pail and launder them right along with the diapers. No harsh chemicals so they're safer for baby's delicate skin, too.  Wet them down as you need them, or moisten them ahead of time and store in a wipe warmer such as Prince Lionheart or DEX. Cloth wipes are an essential item for cloth diapering. 

Use our luxurious hooded towels to dry and swaddle your little one in comfort at bath time.  Larger sizes available for older kids, too. 
The right sized blanket can make all the difference! Our cozy flannel blankets come in three sizes and weights for your baby's comfort. Available in cute prints, too.
Our nursing pads are soft and absorbent, yet discreetly sized to fit inside bra flaps. 

Sized to fit perfectly inside gDiapers with no folding needed! Made of three absorbent layers of organic hemp/cotton fabric topped with a layer of "stay dry" fleece that keeps your baby feeling comfortable. Easy to machine wash and dry. These also make great doublers for any diapering system. Use small inserts for small gDiapers and large inserts for medium and large gDiapers. Package of 6.

These heirloom quality wooden toys by Holgate
have been manufactured since 1929.  Today,
Holgate is recognized as the premier maker of
wooden toys in America.  These long-lasting,
educational toys make great gifts for all the little
ones in your life!

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